In attendance: Ben, Julia, Ian, Suzi, Lea, Meghan

@MIT: Genevieve, Eesh

Absent: Mallory

  • Budget requests
    1. Noelle’s request for more money
      1. $30/person too expensive; perhaps spend the money on non-food items instead?
      2. Suggest MIT and WHOI swag and/or $5 coffee gift certificates
  • Winter meeting
    1. Facilities said that the 5th floor dishwasher can’t be fixed (worried about people cleaning up afterwards)
      1. Alternative short term solution - purchase compostable utensils and use compost with me
      2. Long term solution - look into a tabletop dishwasher for the JP student center (Energy efficient and hooked up to main sink line; Ian (space chair) will look into dishwashers)
    2. Anejo order has been placed for the winter meeting
    3. We will buy non-alcoholic drinks and will fill the ice jacuzzi
    4. Table cloths for the food area, need tubs to bring dirty silverware back to the student center
    5. Request the room to be in a full square
    6. Ben will send out the agenda for review this week (finalized by the end of the week)
  • Open house
    1. Housing hand-out
      1. 71 responses
      2. Need to finish the mock budget section
    2. New handout focused on diversity and inclusion (clubs and resources)
      1. Add contact info
    3. Considering events that do not include drinking or separate alcoholic and non-alcoholic coolers
  • Steinbach scholars
    1. AOPE - Waiting on responses (low) and will be done on Friday
    2. MC&G - Voting process almost done
    3. MG&G - Voting done and approval complete; Ben will email the nominee today
  • Winter retreat recap
    1. 35 people in attendance
    2. $2,133 ($740 from student attendee cash)
  • Swag update
    1. Possibly mix-up with sizes and colors
  • Library tours
    1. Poll if there’s interest in a library tour (including rare books and McLean)